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Algon BBQ

Resistance achieved thanks to enameled steel, and with a dynamic and practical design, Algon BBQ brand barbecues are more than just a piece of kitchen. In this selection of Algon’s barbecues on offer you will be able to see the characteristics of each model of the brand.

Algon BBQ on offer catalog

Algon: a brand focused on practical barbecues
Characterized by being in constant evolution, during its 30 years of history the brand has worked with all types of products. But in none of them have they put so much effort in their work as in Algon’s barbecues.

A product that adjusts to the specific needs of each person, with portable models for use in a campsite, for the garden or designed to be used on a balcony without having problems with the neighbors.

Algon BBQ an unbeatable price Barbecue

An Algon barbecue is a product worth investing in. First, because the household items, as well as the structure of the barbecues, are made of enameled steel. A resistant, durable material that helps to maintain heat once the embers have been lit.

An Algon barbecue is cheap, both the garden models and the portable ones. Easy to assemble and move, as they are lightweight models. They have handles, to be able to move them if necessary during the cooking.

Algon BBQ the best choice for barbecue grills

Once the grill is lit, you only have to wait 30 minutes to start cooking. The grill is adjustable, to achieve a direct cooking, or indirect, to the liking of the cook, with up to three heights available.

Perhaps the biggest problem with some models is that they are too low, which makes cooking somewhat uncomfortable. However, this is compensated with some extras: work table, shelves to place the coal or hooks for the kitchen utensils.

The favorites of roast food lovers

If you read a review of Algon’s barbecue, you’ll see that everyone is talking about it. First of all, for its practicality; models with wheels to move them, portable or fixed for the garden.

Apart from the main product, the same brand offers a wide variety of household products for their barbecues: tongs, charcoal, paella pans … Everything to make the experience more enjoyable.

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