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The Imex El Zorro barbecues are the biggest reference in our country in barbecues, with a wide range for all tastes and respecting the most classic designs. We show you a great selection of Imex El Zorro barbecues on offer.

Catalog of Imex El Zorro Barbecue on offer


Imex El Zorro BBQ: a brand with a lot of history

The company is located in Don Benito, Badajoz. They have been making charcoal barbecues for more than 50 years, in wrought iron, standing out for their great quality and the wide variety of models. They are not only dedicated to the barbecues, since they produce many products in forge and brass. Their catalog has more than 5,000 references of BBQ and grills.

Imex El Zorro Barbecue on offer

A cheap Imex El Zorro barbecue? It’s not difficult! Thanks to its wide catalog, there are models of all kinds with prices for all kinds of budgets. Their barbecues transfer the designs of the building site barbecues to models with a wrought iron body. A unique and cheap way to get that kind of products for very little. All of them well prepared and equipped to move the process of cooking in barbecue to the highest level.

Advantages of Imex El Zorro Barbecue

The fact that the structure of the barbecue is made of iron is a great advantage, since it helps to keep the heat of the coal better. Some models allow cooking with wood, or even with both elements, allowing for experimentation. Other models do not have legs, in case someone prefers to have it on a smoother surface to be able to work with it. With spaces to let the air pass through, it is almost impossible not to achieve a good meal with these barbecues.

Opinions about Imex El Zorro Barbecue

There is no one who can speak ill of this model. Buying an Imex El Zorro BBQ and grill barbecue is cheap and the designs are meant to be practical and functional. It costs very little to learn how to handle this type of barbecue. And they allow you to save, making the most of the heat from a few coals.

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