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Sauvic BBQ

Do you love barbecues but don’t have enough space? Sauvic BBQ has the solution. This brand is known for the quality of its tabletop and mini barbecues. We show you a wide selection of Sauvic barbecues with the best offers on the market at only one click.

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Sauvic BBQ: a reliable brand

The birth of Sauvic took place in the 90s, after the merger of two small companies that had started their activity during the 80s.

Sauvic has created a line of mini-barbecues that are the perfect size to be placed on the table and to be able to prepare the food in front of the diners in a fast and easy way as well as original. They are ideal for up to 4 diners.

Sauvic barbecues are well known for their practicality, as they can be used in any space thanks to their small size. They also stand out because they are easy to clean thanks to their reduced size.

They are barbecues with a very good finish, resistant and stable that have a wooden table to be placed under them and thus ensure that nothing burns when used on the table.

Sauvic  BBQ and grill barbecues, for any space

In its catalog, Sauvic has a wide variety of products. The most outstanding are its well-known Sauvic tabletop barbecues. Practical and easy to light.

Although it is a tabletop barbecue, it is still a barbecue and therefore releases smoke when cooking. But it is true that depending on the fuel we use the smoke it will generate will be of greater intensity or not.

And for this last, it turns out to be a type of barbecue that allows us to cook inside the house or in the balcony without bothering the neighbors, since thanks to the use of coconut briquettes we will be able to light it practically without smoke and to avoid that those smells so characteristic of a barbecue stay in our homes.

Made of stainless steel and with a protective layer of anti-caloric paint, they are ready to withstand up to 600ºC.

A small size, without sacrificing the quality of its materials, has allowed to transfer the experience of cooking with the typical charcoal barbecue to a tabletop barbecue that can be taken anywhere and cook from the same table where you will eat.

Buy the best Suavic tabletop barbecue of 2020 at the best price

A Sauvic barbecue is certainly a good buy. It is a cheap barbecue for the materials with which it has been built, and for the great versatility and practicality it has, being able to use it in any space. It is easy to light, easy to clean and you get a quality of roasts equal to the largest charcoal barbecues.

We present you a great offer for this incredible Suavic barbecue.
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